Future Consult Company was established in 1999 to provide engineering designs &
consultancy services, by applying the scientific basis to produce various projects in
a way that is consistent with the latest global developments, by using the latest
scientific systems and techniques to cope with the global technological progress.
HOLDS A HOUSE OF EXPERTISE CERTIFICATE FROM THE ENGINEERS SYNDICATE 2022FUTURE CONSULTconsultancy & civil constructionLeading the way in engineeringyears25
Design sewage networks, Force main lines, and Supervision for villages
in Abu Teshet center and Abu Teshet Wastewater treatment plant.
Preparing the detailed designs for the Islamic Cultural Center
in the New Administrative Capital."
Hydrological studies of water levels, groundwater table, and how to dispose of excess
irrigation water for the Olympic City in the New Administrative Capital.
Design and supervision of Shubra Shihab Wastewater treatment plant.
Design and supervision of Abu Teshat Wastewater Treatment Plant
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Specialists In Engineering Consultancy & Technical Services

In 1999, Future Consult Company was founded with the aim of delivering engineering designs and consultancy services that leverage scientific principles to produce diverse projects in line with the latest global advancements. The company utilizes state-of-the-art scientific systems and techniques to keep pace with global technological progress.

Holds a house of expertise certificate from the Engineers Syndicate 2022


Our company boasts a top-notch team of scientifically and technically proficient engineers, consultants, university professors, and experts with extensive experience across all fields of professional engineering services we offer to our clients.

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Since the company is keen to develop a clear policy to apply international standards, we have followed several goals including:

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We understand you need a building that works for you and your organisation.

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We only hire great people who strive to push their ideas into fruition by outmuscling and outhustling

Value Enginnering

The success of a project with respect to cost-effectiveness

High performance

Learn more about the ways in which our innovation is helping evolve expectations for businesses.



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in engineering consultancy and civil

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Our company takes pride in its highly skilled team of engineers, consultants, university professors, and experts, who possess a strong scientific and technical acumen along with rich experience in delivering professional engineering services across all fields to our valued clients.

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